Borehole Well Pump Management

Borehole Well Management; It covers the processes of controlling the submersible pumps in deep wells and monitoring the values ​​of the sensors in the well system via the Cloud Based Water Management System (WMS) software. While the control panels or control devices used in the system and field instruments are managed and information is obtained from the field, the communication of the system with SCADA is done via 2G/3G/4G router modems or RF Link systems. In order to protect the pump motor system from possible malfunctions, safety settings can be defined on the field devices, and the alarms that occur as a result of these definitions are instantly transmitted as notification, SMS and e-mail according to the user's preference. Even if there is no SCADA communication in emergency situations, field devices can take actions to protect the safety of the system.

The automatic working scenarios in the field panels and devices are as follows;

  • operation according to the tank level to which the pump is connected (Level Link),
  • working according to the network pressure value (Hydrophore or Pressure PID)
  • work according to a schedule in free mode (Scheduled/Programmed)

In case of frequency converter/inverter/variable speed control driver in well systems, rotation speed of pump and motor can be controlled by the system. The inverter can be operated in fixed frequency mode at a desired frequency value. In addition, by controlling the frequency with the system PID control technique, adaptive usage can be achieved by fixing the flow, pressure and groundwater level.

Thanks to the energy analyzers, data such as three-phase voltage, current, power factor of the system, mains voltage frequency in the system can be read and the energy consumption of the pump motor system can be monitored. With the hydrostatic level sensor, the underground water level, static level and dynamic level can be monitored. Well outlet pressure and line pressure can be monitored with pressure sensors. With ultrasonic and electromagnetic flow meters, instantaneous and between certain dates water production can be followed. In addition, pump efficiency can be calculated with these data.

All data acquired in the system are recorded on the SCADA server with requested periods. In this way, it offers the user to receive retrospective reports, graphics and point-based data analysis.

Sensors that can be used in well systems:

  • Hydrostatic Underground Level Sensor
  • Pump Outlet Pressure Sensor
  • Line Pressure Sensor
  • Flowmeter (Electromagnetic/Ultrasonic)
  • Water turbidity
  • pH
  • Water/Engine/Panel/Ambient Temperatures
  • Koru-1000 Kuyu Ekranı

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