0XD Electromagnetic Flowmeter EF200

0XD Electromagnetic Flowmeter EF200

Electromagnetic flowmeter that does not require straight pipe distance


In order to be able to measure with high precision in conventional electromagnetic flowmeters, a straight pipe length of x5 diameter in front of the flowmeter and x2 diameter behind the flowmeter is required. In addition, valve outlet, elbow, etc. that may cause turbulence on this line. factors should not exist. With the 0xd Electromagnetic flowmeter, these difficulties are eliminated, and precise flow measurements can be made without the need for costly modifications on the existing line. There are no mechanical parts that prevent the flow or reduce the pressure. measurement scale;

It is 10 times more than other flow meters. All measurements and adjustments can be made/displayed via the integrated or wall-mounted LCD display. It can be composed according to the process and fluid with the user interface (Density setting can be entered) The menu can be protected with a password. Instant and total flow can be observed on the LCD screen at the same time. With the report feature, old data can be examined (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) Total flow can only be reset with a password. Flow rates between

0.3 and 15 m/s can be measured and the speed can be monitored on the LCD screen. Calibration (full-filled and stable fluid-filled pipe) can be done with the menu.

Measurement accuracy can be achieved as 0.2% Conductivity measurement can be made and displayed on the LCD screen. It can take measurements in all homogeneous conductive liquids above 5 uS.

It provides resistance to environmental electronic noises through its grounding electrode. Thanks to its flange connection, it provides a reliable, easy and long-lasting assembly feature.

Thanks to its metal body, it is protected against external factors.

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