Compact Pump Control and Water Monitoring Device

The AQUA CNT 100 series is a submersible pump and pumping station centrifuge pump control device for drinking water supply and distribution systems. It also includes software algorithms specific to pump control, water distribution tank monitoring, district metering area (DMA) pressure and flow monitoring, agricultural irrigation and industrial pump use.

You can use AQUA CNT devices with AQUA LITE software or Koru1000 WMS water management system software. If you want, you can easily integrate it into all MODBUS TCP compatible package SCADA software.

Note: For the embedded flowmeter option, please see our 100F model.

Technicial Specifications:

  • Built-in Ultrasonic Flowmeter (DN50-DN 700 diameter, 1% accuracy)
  • Low Power Microcontroller
  • LCD Display (64x128 Graphics) and Membrane Keypad
  • GSM/GPRS Modem + External Antenna
  • Battery Management Unit (DC UPS + Charge)
  • 14.8V 12.8A Lithium Battery
  • 8 MB Internal Storage Memory
  • 3 Analog Inputs (16-bit), 1 Analog Output (12-bit)
  • 4 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs (with relays)
  • Internal assignable I/O (input/output) table
  • MODBUS TCP Master and Slave communication (up to 5 simultaneous connections)
  • Internet IP Filtering and APN support
  • RTC (real-time clock) update over GSM
  • IP65 Protection Class
  • 24 VDC Input Supply


  • AQUA CNT can be used for monitoring and control purposes in the control of pumps, water tanks or stations such as isolated water network zones (district metered areas-DMA). Scenarios for all station types are available in the built-in software. Therefore, you can use the same device for pump control, or for tank or DMA monitoring.
  • It can be easily installed and commissioned with its ergonomic design features.
  • With GSM/GPRS Modem + External Antenna, there is no need for an external modem.
  • It has an ABS polymer outer casing against corrosion.
  • It is suitable for working at temperatures between -20C and +60C.
  • There is an LCD screen and a membrane keypad for manual control and device status monitoring on the front cover.
  • Internally, there are DC uninterruptible power supply, battery charger and 12.8 Ah Lithium battery. It can work without energy for up to 48 hours with the internal battery.
  • It has 3x 16-bit analog inputs and 1x 12-bit analog output.
  • It has 4 digital inputs and 2 relay digital outputs.
  • 4-20mA analog inputs have internal overcurrent and voltage protection, digital inputs are optically isolated.
  • It has an internal GSM/GPRS modem and antenna.
  • It has Internet IP filtering feature and APN support features to ensure communication security.
  • It supports Modbus TCP communication protocol.
  • In cases where the communication is interrupted, it can archive the system variables and the values ​​of the connected sensors in its internal non-volatile memory. When the communication is back, the archived data can be accessed.
  • It has RTC (real time clock) feature.
  • The device has internal tank filling and pressure-based operation features:
    • The tank filling feature controls the pump according to the lower and upper level information of the target tank. The device can communicate with the devices supporting Modbus TCP at the target feed point and read the target level information.
    • In case of tank filling scenario, if communication with the target cannot be achieved, emergency scenarios become active.
      These scenarios are;
      • Imitating the past week's working schedule.
      • Working and stopping at specified minutes continually.
    • In the feature of working according to the pressure, the pump is controlled according to the target lower and upper pressure conditions.
    • In the pressure PID mode, the pump-motor frequency is adjusted adaptively with the help of the frequency converter according to the set pressure value. Thanks to this feature, it can create a constant pressure in pumps that directly feed the network and even in agricultural irrigation applications.
  • It can be integrated with all SCADA software that supports MODBUS-TCP protocol.
  • It can work in harmony with 24V solar panels in facilities where there is no mains electricity. Thanks to the built-in battery and charge regulator, there is no need to use an additional battery, battery and regulator.
  • If the low power consumption mode is activated in working with solar panels, when the battery drops below 40%, the device will start to work in sleep mode for 20 minutes and stay awake for 2 minutes.
  • Energy analyzers can communicate via RS485.
  • External sensors can be fed from the battery with the 24VDC/500 mA output on the device.
  • Sensor power supply can be switched on and off via SCADA.
  • Digital input states on the device can be read via SCADA.
  • The relays on the device can be controlled via SCADA without the need for any scenario.
  • The motor inputs and outputs connected to the device can be selected according to the user's request.
  • Hydrostatic water level sensor, pressure sensor and flowmeters can be connected to the analog inputs of the device. Type of sensor connected to which input can be selected and adjusted remotely.
  • Pulse output flow meters can be connected to the digital inputs of the device.
  • AQUA CNT devices have CE Conformity Certificate with EN 61000-6-1 and EN 61000-6-3 standards.

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